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WHY? - Too much sun on your hair causes serious damage to the cuticle, this includes split ends, frizz, dehydration, thinning and discolouration resulting in unhealthy older looking hair.  Although a little sun which is a great source of vitamin D which has many health benefits even for your hair so avoiding the sun completely is not necessary.  
SOLUTIONS - Wear a hat or find some shade especially in peak sun hours.  Use a hair care product that contains natural oils such as argan oil, avocado oil and coconut oil to hydrate the hair to prevent the damage.  Find a hair care product that contains a sunscreen to protect from the harmful rays.

WHY? - Dehydration hinders hair growth and can lead to your hair being thinner, prone to breakage and even hair loss.  Water provides hydration to each hair strand from the inside out and also transports vitamins to the roots.  Pollutants that cause hair loss are flushed away by drinking water and the cells of your hair need water as their main source of energy.
SOLUTIONS - Restore your hydration levels by drinking 8 - 10 glasses of water per day.  Use a hair care product containing argan oil, coconut oil and avocado oil to hydrate your hair.
WHY? - When you look at a persons hair if it is clean and shiny it instantly makes you think their hair is healthy.  Also what sounds more youthful to you... hair that is dull and dry or hair that is silky and shiny? exactly so shine is a big factor.
SOLUTIONS - Try a cold water rinse, yes you've heard it before but it actually works! This is because the cold water will make your hair cuticles lay flat and smooth, this then reflects light better giving a smooth shiny look.  
Use a hair care product that contains argan oil this will add shine to your hair and targets dryness.

WHY? - Unfortunately frizzy hair can be mistaken for unhealthy hair, some people have naturally frizzy hair and no matter how much they treat it or keep it trimmed it will still frizz.  Frizzy hair can make some hairstyles look out of shape and unkept.  Also frizzy hair doesn't shine much so can look dull and dry making it look like older hair.
SOLUTIONS - Rock your frizz, work with it, find a style that works with it.
You can use ionic heated styling tools like tongs or straightening irons that will smooth the hair cuticle layer to reduce frizz.
Try a salon keratin treatment which coats the hair with protein which will reduce frizz and makes hair soft.
Use a hair care product that contains argan oil which will add shine and target dry frizzy hair.
WHY? - Free radicals and environmental cause hair follicle cells to break down causing hair loss, breakage and brittle hair.
SOLUTIONS - Vitamin E is the best antioxidant to help repair damaged hair follicles and will deeply moisturise the hair to replenish dry, brittle hair.  Eat foods that are rich in vitamin E such as almonds, peanuts, spinach and avocado.  
Find a hair care product that contains vitamin E this will fight to protect the hair from free radical damage.
WHY? - When your hair is wet it is at its most fragile state and is more likely to break. When you cause breakage to wet hair it will look thinner with split ends resulting in unhealthy older looking hair.
SOLUTIONS - Try not to towel dry by rubbing and instead gently press the water out.  Do not use a brush on your hair while it is wet. Use a wide-tooth comb instead, starting at the ends and working the tangles out.  
Use a detangling hair product to help get tangles out, these products may contain silicone which makes people panic but not all silicones are bad, some silicones when combined work to deliver the benefits of natural oils to the hair, these hair care products are likely to also contain argan oil which will also condition your hair.

WHY? - Too much heat can really damage your hair and scalp causing dryness and flakes.  The clamping and pulling action of straightening irons can cause permanent damage by stripping away the hairs cuticles.  This all leads to unhealthy hair which looks dry, damaged and older.
SOLUTIONS - Try and limit how often you use heated hair tools, there is no rule because everyones hair is different, just try and have a day off when you can, whenever possible leave your hair to dry naturally.  If your straighteners have a heat setting control work out what the lowest setting is for your hair to hold the style and also for your hair dryer.  Use a hair product that contains heat protection these products may contain silicone which makes people panic but not all silicones are bad, some silicones when combined work to protect your hair again heat damage and to deliver the benefits of natural oils to the hair.
WHY? - Changing your hair colour is an extreme process for your stands to experience effecting your hairs cortex which is the internal structure of the hair. The changes can cause dryness, breakage, damaged cuticles and thinning.
Hair extensions are not growing from your root therefore they do not have a moisture or nourishment supply from the scalp so its more important to make sure you protect and nourish them from the outside.
Colouring your hair and/or having hair extensions can make you look younger and your hair look much healthier it just needs extra care to maintain the look.
SOLUTIONS - Its recommended that you visit a professional to have any hairdressing technical service done, they have the latest and best professional products and techniques to make your hair look fantastic.  They even have solutions that can actually repair your hair rather than damaging it.
Find a hair product containing argan oil, avocado oil and coconut oil to nourish your hair, strengthen and protect from further damage.
WHY? - The stronger your hair and scalp the more it can handle and the healthier it is.  Strong hair grows quicker and is more resilient to brushing, colouring and any damage source, making you look younger.
SOLUTIONS - Strengthen your hair with foods such as eggs, spinach, berries and avocado.  There are also many supplements available designed to support your hair condition full of vital vitamins and minerals.
Find a hair care product containing avocado oil this will strengthen and hydrate your hair.
WHY? - This hair product is designed as a solution to ageing, unhealthy hair and hair extensions.
SOLUTION - Transforming your hair into healthier younger looking hair with active ingredients argan oil, coconut oil, vitamin E and avocado oil combined in this non-greasy formulation.
  • Younger hair with anti-ageing vitamin E - powerful antioxidant
  • Targets FRIZZ and flyaways ​- with coconut & avocado oil
  • Effortless detangling 
  • Hydrating - argan oil
  • Heat & UV protection
  • Contains Avocado Oil - strengthens hair
  • Shiny & soft hair - prevents split ends
  • NON-Greasy - hair extensions friendly
  • Smells AMAZING - strawberries and caramelised sugar
  • Travel & handbag friendly size 50ml 
  • Suitable for daily use - on wet dry or damp hair
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